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Paradigm has a solution for any industry, here are some of the sectors we focus on.

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Take advantage of our High-Def screens by displaying videos/pics that will help increase Per Person Average through suggestive selling with stunning visuals.  We make sure that your customers see the correct promotions at the correct time, complementing what your employees already do.  Displayed in your lobby/bar area or restrooms, these screens place what you want to display in front of the customer in an eye-catching way.

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Gyms & Fitness

Use our digital signage to attract new members by showing current specials and also all the different amenities available.  Keep your current members up to date on upcoming events, available extras, and also nutritional products available through the company.  Increase class attendance and personal trainer bookings by showing videos of all the past classes and events.

nightlife industry page.jpg


Being a part of the nightlife industry means that you constantly compete with 1000s of other establishments, all trying to influence the consumer to visit their location time and time again.  Digital signage helps you to increase sales by presenting the client with upsells, informing the client about upcoming events and also presenting the client with footage of past events.  Use these tools to increase your revenue and also improve client retention !!

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Digital Menus

Customize the content & design of your menu in order to concentrate on the items & services that benefit you the most.  Use our screens not only to present your menu but also to visually influence the customer by showing images and video of what's available.  Make changes to pricing, promotions and products without having additional printing costs.  You now have the ability to schedule different menus as you see fit throughout the day !!

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The retail sector is a constant battle with everyone competing for the customer's attention.  By using digital signage, you now have an advantage over the competition in the way that your products are showcased.  Display new Ads or Videos in your displays or throughout your shop to attract new customers and also to upsell your current clientele.

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Digital signage can be used in many ways within the corporate setting.  Use our screens to get your message out to your clients and also within your organization.  From site map directories to internal communications, we have an application for many uses within the corporate world.

apartment collage sample.jpg


Digital signage helps to inform & impress potential future residents about your property, while keeping current residents also up to date.

Your screens can display

- Current COVID19 related content

- Pictures & video of apartment interiors and available floorplans

- Amenities of the property

- Upcoming community events

- Office Hours & holidays

- Weather, news and much more !

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Mobile Displays

Our mobile displays provide a solution for those with businesses constantly on the go, or for those who just need an individual mobile display unit at a particular location to get their message out.  We have custom installs for your mobile needs which will modernize your businesses, gain attention and  impress your customers.  Display different menus, change pricing, showcase your creations and so much more !!

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Religious Venues

Use our digital signage to keep your members with up to date information on services, upcoming events and schedules.  Welcome new members and visitors, share photos & videos, and display real time information such as weather, news and more !

education industry page.jpg


Keep staff & students up to date by displaying announcements, upcoming events, alerts and real-time information.  Our screens can be installed throughout the campus or in individual departments.  

- Show COVID19 guidelines

- Display upcoming calendars

- Display staff/students bulletins

- Promote school events

- Share pics/video & social media

- Notify of emergencies

event promotion industry.jpg

Event Promotion

Get the right promotional push for your event by taking advantage of our city wide network.  A digital image or a 15-30 second video will be displayed throughout the city on our high definition 32" screens, which have been installed in high traffic locations within other businesses.  This is a cost effective way to get the promotional support you need, giving you big numbers without hurting your pocket.  

healthcare insdustry page.jpg


Our healthcare applications range from lobby installations offering general information such as directories, weather, emergency info and more.  We also offer in-office applications for individual practices, reducing perceived wait times while keeping patients informed.  This type of install can also be part of our network which is at no cost to the location and the cost is covered through advertisements from companies related to the sector.  

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